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2013 middleware predictions by Red Hat's Craig Muzilla. This post originally appeared on Dec. 18, 2012. Last year, I offered my thoughts on trends and developments that the market would see in 2012. At that time, I felt that we were looking at a continued emphasis on cloud, while mobile and backend integration technologies would rise in prominence within enterprise IT. I think the industry made progress in all three areas: analysts indicate huge adoption of mobile technologies as a substitute for what would have typically been a laptop or desktop computer; at Red Hat we saw an uptick in interest around some of our backend integration tools like rules-based processing and business process management (BPM); and the industry as a whole saw a solidification around cloud visions and roadmaps from vendors. One area that turned out to be much bigger than I had anticipated... (more)

JBoss Developer Studio 5 – add native BPMN2 Modeler as process designer

As of 12 Jan 2013, the Eclipse native BPMN2 Modeler project has released v0.2.1. I think it is now time to us this thing instead of the dying RulesFlow editor supplied out of the box. The project site states that it will be included in the jBPM 5.3 release. You can see in figure 1 that the native editor looks pretty good, showing the process designed for my Rewards Demo project based on JBoss BRMS. For completeness you can see the original process designer that ships with jBPM in figure 2, showing the same process. Here are the steps needed to install the Eclipse native designer ... (more)

Modularized JavaScript with JBoss Portal Platform 6 – Avoid Conflicts, Promote Re-usability

JBoss Portal Platform 6 JBoss Portal Platform 6 Beta is now available. http://www.redhat.com/promo/jpp6/ Many new features are documented there: Built on blazingly fast, lightweight JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 6 technology Develop with JSF2 and Rich Faces 4 in portlets, via Portlet Bridge Implement single sign-on (SSO) using SAML 2.0 Launch fast with Maven quick starts Portlet and JavaScript However, to developers and architects, one of the first issues and most difficult issue we face in any portal implementation is – what are the best practices to use JavaScripts in a p... (more)

Big Data – Storage Mediums and Data Structures

My working title was Big Data, Storage Dilemma. They say dilemma. I say dilemna. I'm serious. I spell it dilemna. Big Data presents something of a storage dilemma. There is no one data store to rule them all. Should different data structures be persisted to different storage mediums? Storage Medium Identifying the appropriate medium is a function of performance, cost, and capacity. Random Access Memory It's fast. Very. It's expense. Very. If we are configuring an HP DL980 G7 server, it will cost $3,672 for 128GB of memory with 8x 16GB modules or $9,996 for 128GB of memory with 4x 3... (more)

The Abstraction of Apache Hadoop

I think Apache Hadoop is more or less synonymous with Big Data, but in what context? Is it Apache Hadoop as in the framework? Is it Apache Hadoop as in the platform? I think it is Apache Hadoop as in the ecosystem. However, the ecosystem is built on the platform and the platform is built on the framework. The purpose of this presentation is to show that Apache Hadoop, as in the framework, can be abstracted to the services required for building a Big Data platform, and that alternative implementations of these services are in fact complimentary if not alternative platforms for Big ... (more)